Back in 2013 I had a hernia and a split abdominal wall from having two children. I made the mistake of going to a doctor I knew nothing about to correct this. I knew something was still not right and I went to see Dr. Dupree in 2014. That was the best decision of my life. Dr. Dupree was able to correct what the other doctor supposedly 'fixed' as well as bring my abdominal wall back together. This was not an easy surgery nor an easy recovery, to this day it was the best surgery and recovery I ever had. Not only was Dr. Dupree amazing his entire staff at Riverview could not have made me feel more comfortable.

As a Personal Trainer and co-owner of a training studio, Free Will Fitness, with Kyleigh Roth, my appearance as well as my lifting abilities is my job. I owe so much to Dr. Dupree for helping my career keep growing. Since my surgery I completed in a body building competition, crossfit competitions and powerlifting competitions. He has helped make my personal goals as well as my career successful!! I couldn't thank him enough!

Andrea M

Dr. Bosscher expedited and coordinated various life-saving doctor appointments so my mother could have emergency surgery on a large life threatening tumor affecting many of her internal organs. Dr. Dupree met with my mother and reviewed her ovarian cancer care/history and her then current tumor condition. He coordinated a life saving operation that he and Dr. Boscher performed together. I state with absolute certainty their impeccable skill-set, knowledge, exceptional care saved my mother.

Donna E.

Dr. Dupree and is staff are friendly, caring, knowledgeable and explained everything that put me at ease. My surgery went very well and was extremely pleased. Dr. Dupree, is a very talented surgeon and his surgical team are the best. I would not hesitate to recommend him.


This being my husband's first surgery, we were somewhat afraid and apprehensive. Dr. Dupree and the staff are very caring. Everyone took the time to explain and reassure us that we would be well taken care of and we were. Dr. Dupree did an excellent job. The Doctor gets an A+ for caring for his patients. We need more of this kind of practice for patient care.

Thank you again,
Ronald & Theresa Stanzione

Ronald & Theresa S.

Simply the Best!" I can't say enough about Dr. Dupree! Dr. Dupree is a rare gem in his profession. He is more like a friend than a doctor. I wholeheartedly trust his opinion and expertise, and would recommend him to anyone who needs not only an excellent surgeon, but a caring and concerned physician who has nothing but his patient's best interest at heart.

Felicia K

Dr. David Dupree is informative, knowledgeable and an extremely experienced surgeon. His office staff was outstanding as well and his surgical team made me feel at ease and comfortable. Dr Dupree did an amazing job and I highly recommend him.

Robert K.

Dr. Dupree has been a god send to 2 of my family members who needed a hernia repair. His excellent bedside manner in combination with his technical ability had them both feeling at ease and comfortable. I without hesitation recommend Dr. Dupree!

Rohin M.

Dr. Dupree was patient, incredibly intelligent, and comforting. I left his office feeling as though all was going to be alright. I'd recommend him to anyone. He is the perfect mix of technical superiority and caring personality.

Bob Barone

Doctor Dupree is one of the finest surgeons I have every seen. His care for the patient is the best I have every had. I would recommend him to any one who needs surgery for hernias. I give him a 5 star rating.

Jeff E.

Dr. Dupree repaired an inguinal hernia using robotic technology and I could not be more pleased. I was back to my normal activity within 24 hours post op and needed no pain medication at all. My previous inguinal hernia procedure was a traditional incision procedure that was extremely painful, it took me almost 2 weeks to return to normal activity and needed a weeks worth pain meds. Dr. Dupree is an outstanding surgeon with a bedside manner that makes you feel like your talking to a friend.

Mike R.

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